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You have your own

path to follow.

And your clients, readers, followers, fans, subscribers?
They need it too.

  • They need you… to lead the charge and do it ​YOUR way.
  • They need you… to show them that it’s possible.
  • They need you… to be gorgeous, or gritty, or downright disorderly–

As long as it’s truthful, real, authentic YOU.
So your online space needs to reflect that, too!
Well, my braveheart beauty, let’s do it.
Let’s show the internet (and world!) what you’ve got.

Welcome to Indie Pixel House.

Where epic entrepreneurs get the websites of their dreams.

WARNING: Here, we do NOT follow the crowd. We DO follow the beat of our own drum though, or any other instrument you wanna play. ​I don’t discriminate.
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