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Welcome beautiful, I’ve been waiting for you!

I’m Theressa – with two “S”. Mother, Life-Partner, Awesome Bestie and now –

YOUR SECRET WEAPON to taming ALL the website things!

I’ve been tackling branding, web design, and development with passion and pleasure since 2012.

It wasn’t always this way though. In my previous life, I was a horticulturalist. I was in charge of making the public parks and nature reserves of my hometown (Whakatane, NZ) beautiful, by tending to the wilds of nature and managing it.

Owner @ Indie Pixel House

Little did I know, a sea change was approaching which would place me right here, where I am today.

Although it felt quite “accidental” how I fell into this transformative world of code & design, I’m so at home with the women I’ve met & work with that it seems more like a series of serendipitous synchronisities instead.

My love for simplicity and meaningful things is what brought me to be working with nature. Now I’m called to bring those elements to help you, the Seeker, the Artist, the Creator, the Maker, shine a light on what’s meaningful to you by helping you simplify & tame ALL the web things that stand in your way.

You did an amazing job of capturing the energy of this whole program!!!

I am so glad I went ahead with having you do the design for my new online program.

I was a little worried in putting this together because this course was so different from everything else I do.

I was wondering how it would fit in but somehow you have taken it and made it all look so cohesive. I am so happy.

Deanna Jinjoe

Mixed Media Artist + Entrepreneur, A New Day Art Studio

I am seriously so excited to launch!


You have gone above and beyond my expectations on this project. Thank you for all of your amazing support and for giving me a beautiful site that’s beyond what I had ever imagined!

Kristi Snyder

Spiritual Life Coach, Kristi Snyder LLC

Theressa gave me exactly what I wanted!

Trader Turning Pro


In fact, even better than what I wanted. I got exactly what I didn’t even know I needed and then some. That’s what I loved most about working with her!

Nancy Dacosta Trader, Trader Turning Pro

I just didn’t feel confident in my web site.

Testimonial for Indie Pixel House


It didn’t feel like a home for people to come to. It was boring and didn’t at all translate to who I was as an artist, entrepreneur, and creative.

Now I feel like my website is a reflection of myself and the work I do & it reflects the value that I have to offer the world. That is priceless.

Thank you for helping to make my dreams a reality.

Heather Waxman

Spiritual Life Coach. Best-selling Author. Meditation Musician. Word Artist, Heather Waxman

I’m here to help you bring your work to your tribe in a way that reflects who you truly are + the value you offer the world. Together, we can create something gorgeous and soulful, with all of the beauty + magic of your epic story.

Are you in?

street cred

You’re just ON IT! You get the job done with heart, soul, and graceful hustle. That’s why I love working with you!

Heather Waxman

Theressa’s calm down-to-earth, reassuring air walked me through the steps of solving my problem and I was able to overcome my techie fears to re-establish my site.

Iona McArdle

I was getting tired of patchy info… but you put yourself in the beginners mind so beautifully.

Zoe Watson

Oh, you’re still here! You must still have a few questions like, whether or not I’m actually human maybe? I can assure you, I am + here’s the proof…


My laugh. According to those closest to me, when I laugh HARD, like one of those deep ab inducing laughs, I sound like Precious the pup (am I showing my age?!)


I don’t own a scrap of makeup. After an experiment went wrong a few years ago, I gained the wisdom to know that a professional should be consulted the next time I’m called to glam up! (No-one was hurt, just a bruised ego!)


Speaking of abs, I still don’t have any. I purchased a one-year gym membership and now that year has been + gone but when I realised I only had 2 months left, that’s when I began thinking about actually going…. consistently. However, I have been practicing Kundalini for the past 3 weeks and am proud to report I haven’t missed a day – sometimes you just gotta find your “thing”.


I’m style challenged. My idea of fashion is taking the first thing I see from my wardrobe and mixing it with the second thing I see. I rarely try things on and take my cues from mannequins in store. Recently I returned 2 pairs of shoes because they were the wrong size… now do you believe me?!


I don’t prescribe to any religion even though I had a very staunch Catholic upbringing. A wise old man, (my beautiful Catholic Grandfather) once told me, “God doesn’t care where you go to give him thanks, you could do it in the toilet for all he cares. What matters most is your intent”.

I’m still exploring, which is why I love the folks I get to work with. Through working with them, I’m exposed to new, but perhaps old ways of filling the spiritual void I once felt.


Sia – what a woman! I love her! Problem is (according to my kids), I can’t sing (what would they know huh!?). I’m right in my zone when I’m belting out those big notes. I think I sound “w a a a y y”  good with my headphones on! 😉  Also, I’m notorious for making up my own lyrics ­ usually, ridiculous and nonsensical. Truth is, I love to clown around with my kids. #iliveforthosegiggles!

If you resonated with that last one, I think we’ll enjoy Fooling around working together!

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