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A few weeks ago I wrote a post called 5 Blogging Tools Every Blogger Should be Using and there’s one Editorial Calendar that should have made the list but I was still trying it out at the time.

I’ve been using Coschedule (affiliate link) for over a month now and it easily joins the list of top Blogging Tools.

It’s completely transformed my attitude toward Social Media. Before Coschedule, Social Media was a real chore. I’d post like a bat outta hell for a day or two then nothing for a few weeks or more.

Coschedule has changed all that, I am proud to say, I’ve consistently maintained a Social Media presence with the big four platforms – Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and Linkedin – for over a month now and that’s huge for a one woman show!

Watch this 2 minute video to find out what Coschedule can do for you.

Why I love it

My Content Strategy is Seamless

Before finding Coschedule my Content Strategy was a bit fractured to say the least. My messages were majorly disjointed and inconsistent.

Now that I have a visual editorial calendar where I can see all my messages in one place, I have a birds eye view of what’s going out.

I’m more active and visible on Social Media.

I’ve never been a Social Media junkie. I just didn’t have the time to participate.

Coschedule makes it so easy to schedule social media bites through the WordPress dashboard. I now create at least 60 posts every week for the four big Social Platforms. Obviously my social media strategy isn’t completely automated but it’s great to keep conversations going when I’m off doing the work I enjoy most.

I’m more Productive.

I used to create content and social media posts on the fly, when ever I had a spare minute – which was never. I now set aside time every Friday morning to schedule the following weeks content so come Monday morning I never feel behind the 8 ball. What used to take me day’s now takes me hours.

I get more Traffic.

Obviously if you’re blogging regularly and are consistently visible on Social Media you’re going to get more traffic. Coschedule literally allows you to be everywhere at once, with ease.

Bonus Points

With most new ‘things’ there’s usually a learning curve and that learning curve is usually the deciding factor as to whether you love it or hate it. I was able to get Coschedule up and running in a matter of minutes (affiliate link) and for any Solopreneur, that’s got to be a massive bonus!

Do you have an editorial calendar for your blog? In the comments below let me know what you’ve used and how it’s made life easier.

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