5 Simple Steps To Design A Compelling Opt In

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So, you’re ready to grow your list with a fresh, new Opt In offer (a.k.a, ethical bribe, freebie, lead magnet)?

But not just one that would grow your list. You want one that will naturally lead into your paid products/services.

What follows is a really simple 5-step method to creating the ideal opt in offer that acts as a qualifier for anyone wishing to join your orbit. I’ve also created a worksheet to help you work through this with some additional ideas on how to promote it which you can download below.




No- more waiting for {insert air quotes} “inspiration” to jolt you into action. This is how you do it.

  So, you’re ready to grow your list with a fresh, new Opt In offer (a.k.a, ethical bribe, freebie, lead magnet)?  But not just one that would grow your list. You want one that will naturally lead into your paid products/services.  This simple 5-step method will help you create the ideal opt in offer that acts as a qualifier for anyone wishing to join your orbit. Plus, get the worksheet + 19 BONUS ideas on how to promote it!

Step One – IDENTIFY.

Before you create anything, you need to be clear about who it’s for and why they’ll need it. One of the simplest ways to figure that out is by writing down all the problems you help your clients solve. If you’re a business coach, you might give clarity, direction and focus to help your clients get out of their funk and move forward, faster. Next, find out what their biggest frustration is. The easiest way to find out is by asking them directly. You can ask via your social channels or by sending out a quick email to your existing list. Don’t worry if you don’t have a list, there’s always more than one way to go about everything! {Keep that piece of advice in your back pocket for the next time you get stuck.}

  • Trawl your inbox. At some stage you would have been contacted by potential clients asking you about something. Go find these people in your inbox.
  • Find related threads on social media. Social media is a treasure trove of information for business owners as people usually reach out for advice and support on their social networks.
  • Your competitions blog posts. More specifically the comments sections. Seriously. You’ll find so many people will voice their frustrations on other blogs simply to find a solution to their problem.

Step Two – ALIGN.

How does their frustrations align with your offerings? The opt in you design should be created from the Sweet Spot, or the point at which THEIR FRUSTRATIONS and YOUR OFFERINGS meld in perfect harmony.  Here’s an example – As a Web Designer naturally I offer Web Design & Branding packages and some of the things my folks struggle with are :

  • Having too many options and choices to make so figuring out where to start would be a good start for them.
  • They don’t have many more hours left in the day to dedicate to building a fully functioning website.
  • They feel embarrassed by the state of their existing website.

As you can see, there’s ample opportunity here for me to create something to :

  • Solve at least one of their frustrations.
  • Give them a taste of what it would be like to work with me while preparing them to hire me.

Some offers I’ve created in the past that sit nicely in the Sweet Spot :

  • The Bootstrappers Web Design Workbook. This sung to their desire to get started and the completed workbook was something they could give directly to a designer for direction on their new project.
  • The Website Detox. This was a 5 day long, interactive opt in that helped the “embarrassed” peeps clean up and tame their existing websites while offering up new ideas and best practices. This was by far my favourite!

Step Three – BENEFITS.

This step is really a no-brainer. I mean, no-one but your Mama is going to sign up for your “thing” if there’s nothing in it for them right?! So, think about and list all the things your people can expect to get from your offer.

For example;  you may teach seekers how to truly find happiness, a personal trainer will obviously teach people how to lose weight or maintain a healthy weight, your thing might help busy entrepreneurs to save time, you might even be in the business of showing people how to save/make more money, business coaches might help other struggling business owners how to become successful at what they do.

These are some of the more obvious benefits that are quite universal and can be relevant to any service or offering. But really, benefits are anything that helps to improve someone else’s life.

Step Four – DELIVER.

Now that you’ve got the general outline for your new thing, you need to decide on the best and most relevant way to deliver it. For example :

  • A Yoga instructor might offer a quick quiz to help you decide which type of Yoga you would benefit most from or a series of lessons to help you get familiar with each style.
  • An author might offer the first chapter of their latest book free via PDF.
  • A business coach could offer a free 15 minute coaching call via Skype / Phone or some form of coaching via video, audio or email.

Step Five – CREATE.

Finally, what good is an opt in with out a headline? You could have the most amazing freebie on the web but if your headline sucks, you won’t have a shit show in hell of getting anyone to sign up for it. So, to help you write a compelling headline that sells your freebie here’s a couple of tools/resources //

Then it’s just a matter of putting the content of your opt in together and promoting it!

Now you know how to create an offer that benefits You and Your Peeps, you can use the worksheet to help you create it. Plus I’ve also added some BONUS ideas to promote your new opt in! Just click the button below to download it.




When you’re done, come back and leave a link – I’d love to see it!

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