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If you’re anything like me, planning for a new website project really gets you excited. You can feel the energy building, the pen and paper come out and the brainstorming begins as you create a framework to give it life.

And before you know it, you have files, documents + images littered all over your home and your computer and no real strategy to find them. It’s like a lucky dip, sometimes you find what you need but most of the time, what you get is irrelevant leaving you feeling frustrated and overwhelmed.

Why didn’t I organise it better? Why didn’t I file this stuff away in one place?

I’ve asked myself these same questions more than I’d care to remember. Excitement has a real shrewd way of getting us into messy situations fast if we don’t give it some direction in the beginning.

A simple , 5 minute filing system for your website files plus a free filing wallpaper

Which is why I now have a digital filing system

I begin each new web project with. It’s simple, easy, takes just 5 minutes to set up and will save you a whole lot of time as you plan for your website.

  • I begin by creating a new folder and giving it a name based on the website I’m creating ie; Indie Pixel House. 

  • Inside that folder I create 4 more folders and name them: Planning, Branding, Content, Master Files.


This is where I file all my initial research like website goals, audience needs, website structure, layout, processes etc…


Here I file things like branding questionnaires, mock-ups, social media image templates, mood board + style guide. As the project progresses, I tend to add further folders to organise font files, logos, headers, textures + patterns plus any other graphics I create for a project.


This is where I file all content for the site. Inside this folder I create 2 more folders labelled “Drafts” + “Final” and file content accordingly. I often add additional folders for Testimonials, Services + Products as well. A few additional folders you might consider adding to your Content folder are Blog + Social Media to keep everything nice and streamlined.

Master Files

This is where I keep all my photoshop files for each project so I don’t have to do any heavy filtering to find them. I find it useful to be able to access these files easily since they’ll be used frequently for revisions + sending off to clients when we wrap up.

It’s a stupidly simple setup.

One that has the potential to save you tons of time, keep you on track and help you stay organised as you start layering in all the different elements to build your website.

Now you don’t have to use this exact structure in fact, I highly encourage you to tweak it to suit your own needs or in a way that makes sense to you. The most important thing is that you take the time now to create a filing system before you begin planning for your website to avoid getting into a hot mess later down the track.

I’ve also created a wallpaper for your laptop

This is for those days when time is not on your side and you just want to save everything to your desktop. Do it in style with the Do What You Love Wallpaper.


Once you’re done, grab the Website Planning Checklist to build your website with intent + purpose and ensure you get it right, the first time.

I’d love to hear your filing tips! Tell me in the comments below how you like organise your files.

The Website Planning Checklist

Have you downloaded The Essential Website Planning Checklist yet?

I invite you to go ahead and do that now. Anyone with a little know how can build a website but few people are aware of the planning and strategy involved in building a website that actually works to meet your goals.



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