How to save valuable time creating images for social media

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It’s no secret that the posts that get read, liked and shared the most are those with images.

The problem though is that different social channels require images of various sizes so you can’t post the same image to Facebook and Twitter without some cropping that usually cuts off important pieces of the image rendering it almost useless. This applies to all social channels.

The point is, if you want to use multiple social platforms you have to create individual images for each. So if you’re active on 4, you create 4 different social media images for each post etc… Needless to say, creating social media images can take an awful amount of time out of your schedule even if you’re a pro!

So you might have bookmarked some great resources to help you out with up to date image sizes like I have. Or you might completely bail on the idea of creating platform specific images altogether and throw up anything in the hopes it’ll look good on at least one platform.

And although tools like Canva try to make it easier by offering templates for each platform, you still end up creating multiple images.

Here’s how to save valuable time creating images for social media

Creating social media images can take an awful amount of time out of your schedule even if you're a pro!

If you’ve been around my parts of the web for a while you’ll know that I love a good hack and I’m big on creating things like systems and templates to make my life {and yours} easier.

So being the seeker that I am, I knew there had to be a better way than how I was currently doing things and in my search, I turned up this brilliant post with all the answers for Facebook, Twitter, G Plus and LinkedIn!

Just one simple image to rule them all!

And of course it was a no-brainer that I should create a template or 2 with this information {and the approval of Garrett over at Rackspace}.

He’s done the hard yards crunching the numbers and coming up with the dimensions and padding that make this template work across Facebook, Twitter, G+ and LinkedIn without cutting off any important text or parts of the image.

Just plug in your images, add your text and you’re ready to share baby! “ONE IMAGE TO RULE THEM ALL” Tweet that!

I’ve created 2 templates. One for Photoshop and one for Canva.

Unfortunately, Pinterest and Instagram images will still have to be created individually but hey! The point is, we’re still cutting down the workload!





And if you know someone who could use these in their business, please share this page with them.

OR Tweet it out yo!

Now what can you focus on with all the spare time you’re going to have? Let me know in the comments below!

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