Don’t Let Perfection Stall Your Website Progress

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You’re launching a brand new business and you can’t wait to build a gorgeous website to really make this venture real.

I get it. You’re psyched about getting up and running and having a gorgeous online space that looks + feels “pro” so you can refer potential clients – that’s for sure!

So you set out in search of the information that will help you make the perfect first impression.

  • The perfect brand
  • The perfect logo
  • The perfect colour scheme
  • The perfect fonts
  • The perfect graphics
  • The perfect layout
  • The perfect copy

But… that could be a real problem?

Why? Well let’s work out the kinks in that…

We all have our own ideals of what “Perfection” is but answer me this, have you ever really attained perfection from previous situations you’ve applied it to? I bet in those previous situations you’ve put off taking any solid action until you were guaranteed the perfect result.

We all have our own ideals of what “Perfection” is but answer me this, have you ever really attained perfection from previous situations you’ve applied the perfection rule to?

I bet in those previous situations you’ve put off taking any solid action until you were guaranteed the perfect result.

In fact, you probably spent a lot of time researching, absorbing the information and waiting until the conditions were ‘just right’ before committing to anything. And although there’s nothing wrong with learning and researching there’s a lot wrong if you never apply a thing.

Why perfection is deadly when starting a website in your first year of business

The saddest story I’ve heard was from a client who said she’d been working on her website for 9 months – true story! Two of which she spent purchasing 4 different themes because when she found that a particular theme lacked a feature, she would spend a week or two looking for another.

And before she knew it she’d frittered away her first year in business trying to build the perfect website!

Now I know this sounds like a really extreme case – but you’d be surprised at how many folks I’ve spoken to who’ve been at it for extreme periods of time.

She did get the help she needed eventually – but the point is, she was intoxicated by the idea that putting together a gorgeous website with all the bells and whistles was the answer to getting clients. And it might sound crazy, but I’m here to tell you it’s not. First you must find the cure for perfection.

The Cure for Perfection.

In your first (and even second) year of business everything’s new, there’s plenty of learning curves and things have the potential to go pear shaped very quickly.

It’s impossible to know what perfect looks like and especially when things like services, niche, vision and style change rapidly in the first and second year of business which kinda makes it silly to devote all that time and possibly money on something that’s going to quickly become unsuitable.

It’s pointless aiming for the perfect anything until you’ve worked out the kinks. And the only way to work those out is by working with real clients.

So my advice is to Start Small and KISS Keep It Simple Stupid

Go for at least an about page, contact page, work with me and a blog. Get comfortable about launching your website from there because you could find yourself in the same position as my client if you wait for ideal conditions to get started. That’s the cure for perfection.

How to tell if you’re being an ‘A-Class’ Perfection Diva

  1. Your computer is overflowing with programs and plugins you don’t actually use, which you purchased in the hopes they’ll add to your idea of the perfect website.
  2. You don’t actually have a launch date because you figure it’s best left until the site is perfect!
  3. You spend most nights up late, tinkering around and tweaking parts of your website and you’re no closer to announcing it’s launch.
  4. You know perfection is hurting you but you consider it the price you must pay.
  5. You confuse research with procrastination.

The client I told you about… she didn’t start out as a perfectionist nor a control freak by any means. She had simply become overwhelmed with too much information which led her on a wild goose chase for the ever elusive perfection.

All she really needed was someone to help her sift through everything to find a logical starting point and specific action steps she needed to take in order to make it happen. And there’s no doubt she needed a swift reality check to acknowledge the real reason she hadn’t progressed.

After our session she was able to move forward because she had finally realised that perfection was at work – and since she’s now worked with real clients, she knows more about what her clients want and can give them what they need and that knowledge is now reflected in her website. An ideal outcome from being less than perfect.

Parting words…

Yes you should love your website. You should feel all warm and gooey enough to tell everyone you know about it… even your fancy pants girlfriend who always seems to have an opinion about everything you do. That’s exactly how you should feel about it. But until you can feel comfortable with being less than perfect and start before you’re ready there’s no guarantee that you’ll actually launch your brand new business.

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