The Website Manifestation Planner

the little course to solve a big problem

If you wish to make a living from your passion

you really should have a good plan.


A little birdie told me that …

You’re feeling like an infant learning to walk in this digital world.

I totally get it.

There are so many moving parts to a website! It’s like a spinning plate of options but you don’t know what to take and…

…what to leave

…whether you’re taking the right actions

…or even if you’re starting at the right place!

As a smart and savvy Soulpreneur you know your website could be the best business partner you’ll ever have if you only knew what to focus on.

You don’t just want a website…

You want a website that
actually works to:

  • Grow, showcase + promote your business
  • Provide information
  • Interact + engage your audience
  • Build your brand and woo new prospects
  • Find + generate qualified leads
  • Attract the right people + make sales

All while you’re not there!


Wouldn’t life be so much easier with
a customised blueprint to follow?

One that took into account your individual business needs so you actually focus on the vital tasks that make a website really work to grow your business  + attract the right people?


is a little course to help you solve a big problem.

It’s a 14 day, website plan-athon, to help budding service providers get organised and ensure your website is designed to grow your business because anything less is pointless.

When you have a Customised Blueprint to create your website from, everything becomes so much clearer:



  • The Big Picture View – See the bigger picture come to life as you begin to understand the inner workings of a website because it’s so much more than pretty flatlays and swanky copy – but you already knew that 😉
  • Strategy + Implementation – Set goals + know exactly how to achieve them so you’re not the one throwing spaghetti at the wall hoping something sticks.
  • Focus + Direction – Know exactly what you need to work on and when so you’re not faffing around working on things that have little impact on meeting your goals.
  • Foresight + Momentum – Anticipate any challenges or resources before they become a project haulting problem.

I feel like I really understand the “ins and outs” of my business, brand and site now like I never did before.

I enjoyed being part of the collaborative process. You made me feel like my ideas were important, and I loved that!

Kristy Snyder

Spiritual Life Coach, Kristi Snyder LLC

By the end of the course, your planner will be packed with everything you need to create an intentional website with purpose. And if you’re hiring development of your site out, you can simply share your planner with your designer.

Everything they need to create your site including copy and graphics, structure and layout ideas can all be found in the planner! I swear, you’ll be their favorite client with this in hand!

There’s no doubt about it, the technology we have to run an online business today is super impressive! The new reality is you can have a website up in just a few hours or days without having to know a single ounce of code!

But no matter how simple and easy they make it, there’s always one thing they fail to teach and that’s how to plan a website with intention + purpose so it meets all your business goals.

And instead, you spend a whole lot of time and energy, working on the right things in the wrong order and ending up with a site that might look pretty but doesn’t work to meet your goals.

The Website Manifestation Planner ensures you take the right actions in the right order so you don’t have to deal with the soul-crushing reality of most – a pretty site that simply doesn’t work.

This is a Website Planner unlike any other you’ve ever seen or used because I’ve created it using Trello which means you get my website planning know-how plus the added bonus of Trello’s built in functionality like setting due dates, adding notes, uploading files and creating checklists – every girls dream! (or is that just me?!)

Trello helps to make planning your new website engaging, super interactive and possibly even fun!!

The Website Manifestation Planner with Trello Board worksheets


  • 5 Lessons based on the 4 Phases of Website Planning
  • Videos, Downloads, Worksheets, cheatsheets + Resources to help you work through the modules
  • Built in Checklists to keep you on task (and feeling productive!)
  • Email support
  • And finally the master stroke: Access to the Website Manifestation Planner Trello board which you’ll transform into your workable Blueprint. You’ll do the work by completing the worksheets then condense the information down and enter it into your special planner on Trello. By the end of the course, your planner will be packed with everything from content for pages + images (if you so choose) to strategy, structure + layout ideas. Basically, everything you need to create an intentional website with purpose.

How do I know this system actually works?

I’ve been using Trello to manage my client projects for over 2 years and two words they frequently use when giving feedback about their experience are organised + easy!

“I loved using Trello. The project board helped keep everything organized and I always knew what needed to be worked on. ” – Kristi Snyder

“I felt that the whole process was super streamlined and so easy to follow.” Heather Waxman


“Trello made everything very clear + showed me where I needed to lift my game!” – Violet Aecor

“I loved the Trello Board. Wow, that made it soooooo easy!” – Jen Kind

Trello is the easiest way to organize almost anything! And when it comes to projects that have so many moving pieces, it’s super important to be able to see with a birds eye view.

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Frequently Asked Questions

When does the program start?

The first lesson will arrive in your inbox on May 1st at 10 am, your local time. The course is delivered via email with one lesson being sent out every 2 days over a period of 14 days.

Is there a refund policy?

As the program is based on a “Pay What You Feel it’s Worth” model- there will be no refunds and all purchases are final.

Will you be covering Content Creation in the course.

Unfortunately, Content creation lies outside of my zone of genius so it’s not part of this course. This course is purely about planning and in relation to content creation it will help you make informed decisions about what information your site will need and where it fits into the bigger picture to achieve your goals.

Will you be covering Branding + Design

Now this one lies squarely in my zone of genius for which I’ll be delivering bonus resources to help you lay the ground work. However, we won’t be creating logo’s or graphics and things of that nature in this planning course.

Still got questions?

Email me: theressa [at] indiepixelhouse [dot] com

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