Why You Don’t Need A Brand (Yet)

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You’re officially off the hook. I’m here to tell you to stop spinning your wheels trying to create a brand and start putting your energy into doing the work.

You don’t need a brand

well, not just yet anyway.

Branding. It’s a loaded & multifaceted subject. It’s far more than logo’s, colors, fonts and imagery. That’s simply the Visual Identity of a business.

A big and super confusing challenge that new & seasoned business owners face comes with branding. Quite frankly, I think it’s over rated, especially when you’re still finding your way trying to build a sustainable business. Forget being stuck for weeks. I’m talking months and even years if you get yourself too caught up in the details.

Not only that, it’s almost an impossible feat when you’re still on your business trainer wheels. There’s still so much to learn about your business and yourself at this point so it’s highly unlikely that you’ll bang up a brand that’s completely and utterly true at this stage.

Branding. It’s a loaded & multifaceted subject.

It’s far more than logo’s, colors, fonts and imagery. That’s simply the Visual Identity of a business. Developing a Visual Identity is the type of branding I do and it’s the best place to get started.

Branding in all it’s unedited glory is about positioning, strategy, who you are, who you want to be, how you want to be perceived and what makes you stand out.

Which leads me to my next point….

You actually have to do your time to truly figure out your brand and what makes your business unique. I’m still working on this 3 years down the track!

Your brand is an organic thing that begins to manifest itself through :

  • You experiencing being in your business – Your brand expresses itself through everything you do. From each and every touch point you have with prospects right through to seemingly insignificant marketing messages. Spending time in your business will help you to see where you can be doing things a little (or a lot) differently to others. While also discovering the values your brand stands for.
  •  Working with clients – Branding takes on a whole other manifestation when it comes to working with clients. In this case your brand is the experience. From their very first contact with your business to purchasing your product or service, to them emailing you to say how your thing has made their life better. By doing more of the work you love (preferably with the folks you love too), you have the opportunity to take your client journey and create an experience that’s remarkable! One they’ll keep coming back for.
  • Personal growth – It’s been said that starting a business is the fast track to personal growth and getting to truly know yourself.


    – Your mind will be forced into corners you never knew existed.
    – Your determination and mental toughness will be tested daily.
    – You will experience spectacular failures and glorious defeats.


…this my friend, is where you’ll find the remaining pieces to your brand.

Creating a brand takes practice, time and patience.

So while you’re waiting…

Experience being in your business.
Do the work and prepare to grow instead.


Mold it. Try it on. See how it feels. THEN… Go Create It.

So tell me, where will you focus your attention now?

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